Looking for incredible pain science content and worksheets for your patients? Introducing: International Spine and Pain Institute’s ISPI Membership. This annual subscription membership service allows clinicians unlimited access to evidence-based pain science clinical content and videos. The clinical videos feature numerous ISPI Senior Faculty, including CEO and Founder, Dr. Adriaan Louw, and are categorized into four categories:

  • Pain Science: The pain science videos feature a variety of tests and treatments associated with pain. Includes sensory discrimination, mirror therapy, two-point discrimination, motor imagery, pressure algometry, graphesthesia and more.
  • Pain Education: In this video series, we showcase a variety of educational strategies to help patients reconceptualize their pain, including explanations of yellow flags, fear-avoidance, various pain metaphors, tissues issues and pain, and more.
  • Neurodynamics: The neurodynamic videos feature the latest update on the various neurodynamic tests and treatments for the lower extremity, upper extremity, trunk and head, including nerve palpation and altered sequencing in neurodynamic testing.
  • Manual Therapy: ISPI blends manual therapy with pain sciences and the manual therapy videos demonstrate various spinal mobilization and manipulation techniques for the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

The clinical collateral information contains:

  • Clinical assessment tools
  • Patient education material
  • Home exercises
  • Patient written homework for education
  • Spanish versions of pain education
  • Various ISPI research team articles
  • Clinical commentaries on various topical pain issues

ISPI subscription is open to all clinicians seeking additional information and resources pertaining to pain sciences.