There is a significant need for advanced, non-pharmacological treatment of pain, given the current pain and opioid epidemic and growing awareness regarding the complexity of persistent pain. As in medicine, there is a need to train a specialized, subgroup of clinicians to utilize advanced skills and necessary advanced training.

The ISPI-EIM Fellowship in Pain Sciences is a 24-month plan of study blending various pain science content via online and onsite (hybrid) formats.This fellowship has been designed to allow working clinicians to enroll and complete an advanced level of training, yet continue with their professional and personal lives. Lectures, readings and articles are recorded and provided on an online platform, allowing students to complete didactic content from their home. This allows weekend lab-intensive classes to focus more on the hands-on (psychomotor) skills and help cut cost (travel and accommodation) in comparison to traditional weekend classes combining didactic and lab sessions.

Which types of patients will benefit?

Pain is a universal human experience, therefore all patients will benefit from the pain fellowship. The vast majority of the content of the pain fellowship focuses on persistent pain, which poses the biggest clinical challenge and patient suffering. Various aspects of the fellowship, however, can and should be applied to acute, sub-acute and perioperative pain. Given the universal nature of pain, the curriculum spans various clinical settings including orthopaedics, neurology, emergency medicine, pediatrics, oncology, sports medicine, acute care and more.

Program Highlights

  1. Update on the latest pain neuroscience
  2. Clinical application of the latest treatments and assessments
  3. Advanced clinical reasoning in a pain science and biopsychosocial model
  4. Multi- and interdisciplinary care for pain
  5. Case-based learning       

What Students Will Learn:

  1. The latest pain neuroscience related to a human pain experience
  2. Clinical application of pain science including assessment and treatment
  3. Advanced clinical reasoning in a biospychosocial model
  4. Multidisciplinary care for pain


Winter 2020 Cohort Calendar (TPS Graduate)

Therapeutic Pain Specialist Curriculum

Core Fellowship Coursework

  • PNEF 6410 Special Topics in Pain Neuroscience Education (4 cr)
  • PNEF 6410WI Special Topics in PNE Weekend Intensive
    • Course date and location to be announced
  • RES 6110 Writing Case Reports & Case Series
  • PNEF 6110 Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approach to PNE
  • PNEF 6420 Advanced Clinical Practice
  • PNEF 7670 PSF Virtual Rounds
  • PNEF 6410TA Teaching Assistant Role- Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
  • RES 7280 PSF Scholarly Project
  • PNEF 7690 Fellowship Mentored Clinical Practice
  • PNEF 7710WI Capstone Weekend Intensive
    • September 21-22, 2019, St. Louis Park, MN